The Tristan is proud to have a gallery of prints and original pieces from noteworthy West Coast artists. These artists include:

Kayla Silber

Los Angeles-based Kayla Silber specializes in creating stunning augmented reality art meticulously constructed from her photographs from around the world. Her work elevates her subjects from everyday to ethereal. The Tristan has prints of her “Return of the Cosmic Mother,” “Night Vision,” “The Unknown,” and “White Light.” Kayla’s pieces are best enjoyed using an augmented reality app, which you can download for free on your laptop or mobile device from https://artivive.com

AJ Fosik

Portland transplant AJ Fosik transforms wood into near-lifelike sculptures inspired by taxidermy and folk art. AJ creates each piece using hand-cut wood panels, varnished and painted with bright colors. His anthropomorphic figures evoke a strong sense of the primal and are meant to communicate the basic human condition.

Shannon Weber

Oregon native Shannon Weber is renowned for using found and reclaimed materials in creating her mixed media art. Her designs possess the semblance of an artifact, thus calling up a sense of history and mythology. Her techniques for making art include slow-burning wood, weaving fibers, cold connections, and layering materials.

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