Renting with Pets: An Apartment Guide for Fur Parents

Statistics show that as of 2021, 70% of households in the US – that is, around 90 million householders – live with at least one pet. Some 69 million of these households have dogs, while 45 million have cats.

These figures are hardly surprising. After all, pets are valuable companions, and they contribute a lot to our general health and well-being. Plus, they’re simply adorable.

But if you’re renting your home, having pets can be a challenge. Not all apartments allow pets, and those that do sometimes have pet restrictions. So what do you do if you’re renting with pets? Here’s a short guide.

Location is everything.

It will help you a lot as a fur parent if you choose to move into an apartment in a pet-friendly neighborhood. This means there are dog parks or pet-friendly open spaces nearby, not to mention veterinary clinics, pet supply stores, and grooming stations. Having these facilities close by can make apartment living with pets much more convenient.

The kind of apartment that you rent also matters. Your pet needs space as much as you do, after all. So, if you’re renting with pets, choose a unit that has enough space for your furry friend to stretch their legs. An apartment with an open plan is ideal in this situation.

Win your landlord over.

Even if your apartment allows pets, you would greatly benefit from bringing your fur baby to see your landlord before signing the rental agreement. There are many reasons for doing this. For one, the visit will help clarify your landlord’s specific policies about renting with pets. It will also help assure your landlord that your pet is well-behaved and not likely to cause a commotion or damage to the property.

To smoothen the process, you should prepare a resume for your pet before meeting your landlord. This resume should indicate your pet’s height, weight, and general disposition. It would be best to include certificates of whatever training your pet has had and their vaccination record.

More importantly, never sign the rental agreement without your landlord putting into writing that your pet is welcome in the apartment.

Attend to your pet’s needs.

It’s not enough that your pet is welcome to stay in your apartment. You have to do your part and be a responsible pet owner as well.

Thus, make sure your pet is housebroken and trained to follow commands. Keep them fed, hydrated, and active with pet toys and scheduled walks. In that way, your pets are not likely to make noise and cause trouble with your neighbors or landlord.

You can also consider getting pet insurance for your fur baby and renter’s insurance that covers pet-related damages. These insurance policies will put your landlord’s mind at ease – and yours too, in case of emergencies.

Pets are most welcome at The Tristan. Our apartment units are carpet-free and pet-friendly, and we have a grooming station for our tenants’ use. We’re also located in a neighborhood that loves pets, with plenty of open spaces and pet supply stores nearby.

Schedule a visit today to see how you and your pet can enjoy living at The Tristan.