The Tristan Has WHAT?! An Art Collection You NEED to Check Out

One of the most notable features of The Tristan Apartments is its art collection. It may not be as extensive as the collections you’d see in a gallery, but it’s one we’re incredibly proud of. The works we have on display come from some of the best up-and-coming Northwestern artists whose ethos generally mirrors our own.

Here are some of the artists we’re showcasing at The Tristan.

AJ Fosik

AJ Fosik is a sculptor that specializes in wood art. What makes this Portland transplant so remarkable is his ability to breathe life into the wood so that each colorful piece appears to take on a life of its own. Influenced by folk art and taxidermy, AJ Fosik evokes a strong sense of the primal through his anthropomorphic sculptures.

Kayla Silber

An artist based in Los Angeles, Kayla Silber is gaining a name for herself for creating show-stopping augmented reality art. She crafts her pieces meticulously from photographs she’s taken on her trips around the world. Her artworks can only be described as sublime and ethereal. The Tristan has on display prints of Kayla’s “Return of the Cosmic Mother,” “The Unknown,” “White Light,” and “Night Vision.” They’re best enjoyed using an augmented reality app, downloadable for free from https://artivive.com/.

Shannon Weber

Oregon native Shannon Weber is a master of storytelling through her mixed media art. She uses found and reclaimed materials for her work. She weaves each piece together so that the resulting work resembles an artifact, seemingly with history and mythology of its own. Shannon’s way of creating art is uncommon, using methods such as slow-burning wood, making cold connections, and layering materials together.

If you want to see these fabulous art pieces at The Tristan lobby, make a friend of a current tenant and ask them to invite you home. Or you can schedule a visit with us and see these artworks for yourself.