Five Ways to Meet People in The Tristan Community in SE Portland

Moving to a new city can be tricky. Most of the time, the first few days are spent getting your bearings, finding the nearest supermarket, and maybe the most convenient bus stop. After you’ve settled in, decorated your new apartment, and plotted out the quickest way to work, it’s time for arguably the most challenging part – meeting new people.

If you’ve recently moved to the Tristan in Southeast Portland, welcome! You’re now part of a great community in vibrant Brooklyn. Now, it’s time to meet new people. Here are five ways to meet people in Southeast Portland.


1. Join a group

You can join dozens of groups in Portland to meet new people. For example, there’s a meetup.com group that targets those in their 20’s and 30’s living in Portland. They post different events, such as game nights and karaoke, that anyone can join to meet new people. If you want to join a group that can also help your career, look into a trade group or professional association based in Southeast Portland.


2. Attend an art gallery event

Portland is known for its thriving art scene, and there’s always a gallery opening or art event happening nearby. First Friday PDX offers a gateway into Portland’s independent galleries, studios, and shops. Check out their website for a list of events, including exhibits and a free self-guided art tour that allows you to meet other people who also appreciate art.


3. Go to a concert or live music event

Aside from art, Portland is also known for its active and vibrant music scene. There are many independent and internationally acclaimed artists that call Portland home. The city’s music scene also offers dozens of live music venues where you can meet fellow music fans.


4. Head outdoors

Meet like-minded nature lovers in the many parks around the area. For example, Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge is just a short six-minute walk from the Tristan. The refuge offers excellent opportunities to meet other people who enjoy the outdoors while biking, hiking, or simply enjoying the refuge.


5. Enjoy some drinks

Southeast Portland also offers many opportunities to meet people through fun beer festivals and microbreweries. Portland is also home to many wineries, which is excellent news for wine lovers. You can also join different urban wine tours. Some of them are social experiences that allow you to meet other wine enthusiasts and create connections that can continue even after the tour.


These are just some ways to meet people in the Tristan community and surrounding areas. Don’t forget; you can also hang out at the comfortable Tristan lobby and meet your neighbors as they pass by. After you’ve done this, you can continue to meet other people. Whatever your interest is, we’re sure there’s an event or group in Portland based on it that can help you form new relationships.

The Tristan is a great place to live at the heart of the Brooklyn neighborhood. It is a great place to come home after you venture out and form relationships with people in the community.