The Tristan in Portland: A Guide to the Neighborhood

Portland, Oregon, is known for its vibrant arts scene, hipster culture, and lush landscapes. People love living in this picturesque city because they want to enjoy life in the middle of nature yet still experience a vibrant arts and music culture.


The city is known for several things – One, it is considered a haven for nature lovers because of its extensive network of parks, trails, and gardens. The city also offers residents easy access to Mt. Hood and the Columbia River Gorge natural areas. Next, an exciting food scene has made Portland known as a foodie paradise that also caters to coffee and craft beer lovers.


In Portland, there are several well-known neighborhoods; one is the Brooklyn neighborhood where the Tristan is located. One online comment has also described the neighborhood this way – “Brooklyn is one of the SE’s best-kept secrets. Quiet, tight-knit community, close in with easy access to the TriMet MAX, bus, bike trails, and restaurants.”


It’s no wonder that the Brooklyn neighborhood is an ideal place to live for young professionals and growing families.


Here are a few highlights of this neighborhood:


1. Close to cafes and restaurants

Several delicious cafes and restaurants are located in and around the Brooklyn neighborhood. One of the mainstays here is the Original Hotcake House, that’s been around since 1935 and offers a 24-hour menu to anyone looking for delicious food and a welcoming atmosphere.


Another popular restaurant in the area is Bottos BBQ which offers delicious craft barbecue and freshly-made side dishes.


If you like craft beer, Ruse Brewing Company is also in the neighborhood. This award-winning brewery is one of the most popular ones in Portland.


2. Brooklyn neighborhood parks

Another great thing about the Brooklyn neighborhood is the easy access to parks and natural areas. There are several parks in the area, including Powell Park, which is near Cleveland High School.


This park is famous for hiking, picnics, and sports. Brooklyn Park is also within the neighborhood, while Ross Island Natural Area is a quick bike ride away.


3. Accessible to downtown Portland


While Brooklyn has everything you need and more, you’ll probably want to explore more of what Portland has to offer. Living at the Tristan means living 15 minutes away from downtown Portland.


You can quickly get there via car, bus, or public transportation. The TriMet Max’s Orange Line has a stop two blocks, while there are three TriMet bus stops nearby.


4. Live music around the corner


The Aladdin Theater is one of Portland’s most popular musical landmarks that has stood the test of time. Fortunately for Tristan residents, iis located right at the heart of the Brooklyn neighborhood. The theater has been part of the Portland landscape since the 1920s, starting as a vaudeville house and is now a beloved live entertainment venue. Catch your favorite band or stand-up comedian at the Aladdin Theater, which is just a three-minute drive away from the Tristan. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Brooklyn has to offer. Living at the Tristan means you have easy access to all these amazing places and more. Schedule a visit with us today.



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