The Art of Expression – The West Coast Artists Gracing The Tristan

We’ve mentioned this time and time again, but we’re so proud of the art collection we have on display at The Tristan Apartments. Sure, they don’t compare with the collections you’ll find at art galleries. But we’re happy to say that the works we do have, we have curated with intention.

If you’ve seen this collection while passing by The Tristan Apartment lobby, you’d see that the works are unconventional and unique. Don’t get us wrong, though – we do love a good piece of art created in the traditional sense. But there’s something about the pieces we have collected that catch the eye and are truly remarkable in their mode of storytelling.

Take the Kayla Silber prints we have, for instance. They’re ethereal and appear out-of-this-world. They’re not paintings, though – they’re actually composites of photographs that Kayla Silber took from her travels around the world. The best thing about them is if you view them using an augmented reality app, you will see them move.

And then we have sculptures by AJ Fosik. He makes these showstopping artworks using countless pieces of wood. Each piece is painted and varnished. Then, he puts them together with painstaking attention to detail. The resulting work is an anthropomorphic figure that actually speaks about the human condition.

Lastly, we have Shannon Weber’s mixed-media sculptures. Anyone can create upcycled art using found and reclaimed materials. What makes Shannon Weber’s work stand out is they won’t look strange in an archaeological dig. Each piece appears to have the weight of centuries and history on it, even though they were made relatively recently.

The one thing these three artists have in common is they live on the West Coast. Kayla Silber resides in Los Angeles, while AJ Fosik and Shannon Weber live in Oregon. Their work mirrors the Northwestern Coast experience – our day-to-day reality.

Experience this art collection by hanging out more at The Tristan Apartments lobby. Or, if you’re not a resident, contact us to schedule your visit.